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Have you ever struggled to create your own discord bot? Do you need a bot that is fast, flexible, and reliable? Meet Stack, a discord bot that helps you work more efficiently. Stack is a modular discord bot built using discord.js that allows for the creation of commands and listeners on the fly using a web interface. You can easily upload and modify commands and listeners through the Stack manager interface or by editing a Postgres Database.

Commands are written in Node.js and have access to the msg variable (a discord.js Message class) and an array of args. Here are some examples of what you can do with commands:

Respond to Message

msg.reply('Hello there!');

Send a Direct Message to the Command Sender'Hello there!');

Multiply Two Arguments

s! command 2 5

var number = args[0] * args[1];

msg.reply('Your number is: ' + number);

Return a cat picture/make an HTTP request

request('', function (error, response, body) {

Listeners are triggered whenever a message is sent in the specified channel. They have access to the same variable, msg. You can also edit listeners in the Stack manager interface.